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This course will provide you with various Mantras and tantras [strategies and techniques]to optimize your ability to learn the course content needed for your studies, as well as information you need to remember and recall for exams.

The course is presented through “8 modules” as shown below. You can get further information in the "About this Course" section.


Module 1

Memory Model
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Module 2

Concrete Words

Module 3

Abstract Words

Module 4

Numbers [ various simple systems ]

Module 5

Numbers [ major system ]
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Module 6

Mind Mapping Technique

Module 7

Mind Palace Technique

Module 8

Scientific Revision Technique

About the Author John Louis

• A teacher for @ 4 decades since 1982
• An International Memory Coach since 2003
• First Indian to earn the Grand Master of Memory title - Aug 2003
• Two times Indian National Memory Champion – 2009 & 2010
• Human Calendar & Mental Calculator
• Limca Book of Memory Record Holder-2003
• Author & Corporate Speaker
• Coach of world champion Bernett Orlando

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5 Lectures
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Forgetting is normal. We don’t actually need to remember everything. Without forgetting, your head would be spinning, with far too much information in it. So, forgetting is, in fact, crucial to remembering, since you need to free up your memory for the information you want or need to remember.
Our brain has the ability to hold on to lots of memories. However it does not seem to keep hold of each one indefinitely. For example, you might never forget the name of your mother but always find it hard to remember where you left your pen, text book or note book. Why do we forget such things? As you know, memory works by first registering information and later retrieving it: things can go awry at either or both stages.

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